the atelier

The Neues Atelier is built through a diverse workforce, a number of professional soloists who come and work together to make a great collective work. This atelier is a mixed structure, involving not only musicians but also actors, dancers, choreographers and multimedia artists collaborate to make every presentation different, meaningful and original.

Consequently, our presentations often involve other fields of art such as film, multimedia or dance. Therefore, the atelier is supported by a number of talented young people who are specialized in these areas.
member area

Tanzlabor Labyrinth is an experimental dance collective leaded by choreographer Ulduz Ahmadzadeh und Gerlinder Roidinger, founded in 2012 in Vienna.

Noise Atelier began operating in 2010 with the aim of creating a platform for young artists and musicians who develop their artistic activity in Andalousia, Spain. Same as the brother ensemble Noise Atelier in Vienna, Noise Atelier creates performances concentrating in new music and arts that offer a variety of artistic experience.

Many of Neues Atelier's projects wouldn't have been brought into practice if it were not because of these people. Antje Meier, Alessandro Malizia, Bianca Figl, Clio Montrey, Oscar Medina Duarte, Alexander Masching and Yasmina Touré are just a few of many skilled young artists who have collaborated with the [nɔız].

The organisation:
(founder, artistic director)
(founder, composer)

Ulduz Ahmadzadeh 
(dancer, choreographer)

Aloysia Astari 
(general manager, musical artist)