Die Hölle, das sind die anderen (Hell is other people)

Dissenting votes and imposition characterize our lives these days. One's own voice can only be defined by reference to the settlement to other voices. Only this way, the saying can become important and meaningful. Statements that are made during socio-political upheavals are normally almost the same as the statements that are made in the opposing political camps.

"Are they crazy?" said the bankers about the Occupy Wall Street movement.
"Are they crazy?" said the people of Occupy Wall Street movement about the bankers.

Hell is other people is a multimedia installation, which can only be unfold completely through the interaction of the spectators, and by playing all of the voices, will reveal a deeper understanding of the complexities of the context and what is said.

A project for the Free Space Festival, June 2012
by Adrián Artacho, Aloysia Astari, Bianca Figl and Matthias Heger