Practice Room (Drei)

In every act of perception, there are three overlapping objects whose conflicts leads to a distortion of perception. On the one hand, the object itself and the reality. On the other hand, our imperfect perception of the object. And finally, our idea of what the object should be like. The farther away these perceptions are from each other, the greater is the "perception dissonance".

A professional musician deals with this in his everyday life, to try to balance these aspects of audio objects to each other. This is shown in "Practice Room" (Drei=three). Through the video, an illusion is created, an illusion that three different players are playing in an undefined space. One could think it is a way to define concept, percept and affect, or a fainter Freudian idea of Id, ego and super-ego. All and any interpretations are possible, but there are always three.

Concept and music: Adrián Artacho
Choreographer: Simone Kühle
Video: Yasmina Touré