Giovanni 2.0

One of the first Neues Atelier's projects was Giovanni 2.0, where the classic archetype of the hopeless conqueror is assimilated. About a man who follows the wishes of his whims excessively and finally, at the end of his life, was confronted to take responsibility of his actions. This myth that has its origin in great theatrical works such as El Burlador de Sevilla y el convidado de piedra (1630), Moliere's Dom Juan ou le Festin de Pierre (1665) and as well as in Mozart's opera Don Giovanni (1787),  is immortalized by the fans of this genre.

In Giovanni 2.0, the Neues Atelier's version of the protagonist deals with two things: eroticism and the influence of electronic communication media on love and relationship of the 21st century.

Music and concept: Adrián Artacho
Director: Moisés Rodríguez
Choreograper: Carlos Delgado
Virtual interactive system: Oscar Medina

with the Neues Atelier ensemble