Der elektronische Wald (Wildnis)

"Der elektronische Wald" is a short movie for the film series called "Urban Wilderness", which was a project for the Viennese Summer Cinema 2011. The film was for the category "pocket film" or "110 film", where everything is recorded using your mobile phone's camera. This short film is directed by Martin Putz, in collaboration with Neues Atelier featuring original score by Adrián Artacho, sung by Lucia Castelló.

30.6.614.8.2011 (Vienna) 

Urban Gardening & Urban Wilderness is a project by Austrian artist Hanna Schimek and film programmer Christa Auderlitzky. It is devoted to the theme of urban green environments and the revolutionary medium of pocket films - films that are produced with mobile phones and smart phones.

Renowned Austrian artists and filmmakers were invited to produce pocket films with their mobile phones on the topic of “plant stories”.