Internationale Akademie Traunkirchen

Palais Kabelwerk at 20.00

Meaghan Burke's voice recital
featuring "Buchstabenblut"
7pm, Manhattan School of the Music
(New York)

8pm, Ars Electronica Linz


Lux Festspiele 2014 & 2015

We are happy to announce our support and collaboration with the Lux Festivals in Germany. For more information, please visit the website http://www.lux-festspiele.de/

Call4Sounds                                             DEADLINE:   September 1, 2013
CoQuS (Complex Quantum Systems department, University of Vienna) is seeking for short ‘sound’ pieces for a unique sound installation that will take place at the International Academy Traunkirchen from the 7th to the 11th of September 2013. Specifically, we are looking for short miniature compositions (or recordings, improvisations... etc.) designed to accompany the exhibition ‘Physics & Music’ or directly inspired by it.

Welcome to Neues Atelier

Neues Atelier was founded in 2009, to serve as a platform for a variety of people who develop their artistic activity in Vienna. Behind every project that we conceive, there is an intense creative work of the many young artists that come together in the Atelier. Not only musicians, but also filmmakers, actors, dancers, choreographers and multimedia artists collaborate to make every presentation different, meaningful and original.